Realtors Incubator is an entity that supports realtors and real estate agencies to develop and engage more people by providing relevant stand-alone services without the typical high costs.

Stage 1: VIDEO POST PRODUCTION – active.

Stage 2: ANALYTICS PLATFORM – active.

Stage 3: VIDEO HOSTING – active.

Stage 4: SOCIAL MARKETING PLATFORM – coming soon.

Stage 5: currently under research & development.

Access to Realtor Incubators Suite of services is covered by the annual membership fee + AU$29.99 for each video order, that’s it.

Realtors Incubator is open to all realtors and real estate agencies worldwide.

Your order is all inclusive and includes the following:

  1. video produced using the content you have supplied us with
  2. video produced at 30 frames per second in FULL HD 1080 (FHD) mp4 format
  3. custom produced Opening and Closing video screens
  4. download link to your videos in FHD
  5. two video aspect ratios based on your order
  6. commercial background music (optional and your choice)
  7. commercial voiceover (optional and your choice)
  8. full commercial screening rights on all mediums including television
  9. unlimited views
  10. unlimited hosting
  11. responsive embedment codes that can be used wherever you desire
  12. your watermark on each video
  13. applicable taxes
  14. targeted analytics platform under your authority and control
  15. no other hidden charges
  16. your order delivered within 72 hours (3 working days)

The process is very simple.

  1. Login or Create your account.
  2. Upload your content in the fields provided.
  3. Complete your order.
  4. We review your content and commence production.
  5. Within 1-3 business working days you will receive notification via email with all the details on your video including download links and embedment codes.

You receive your videos within 3 working days.

Yes we fully comply with the GDPR and extend the same respect to all natural persons worldwide. We are also a registered member of GDPR Registrar. You can view our complete privacy policy – CLICK HERE

There are absolutely no restrictions placed on how or where you broadcast the videos we deliver to you.

Edits are conducted when it’s identified that we have made an error based on the content you provided us with or the voiceover produced by us contains a grammatical error in its expression. Thereafter any other edits are charged at $45 per order. So please make sure the content you provide us is correct. We are proud to say that to date, we have delivered with a 99% first time success rate.

When you upload your visuals, please provide them in the following horizontal format:

  1. IMAGES: in jpg or png format.
  2. QUALITY: please make sure the visuals you provide are of a quality you are happy with.

So we do not make any mistake in the order you wish the visuals to appear, simply place them into one folder and number them sequentially; example: 1.jpg – 2.jpg – 3.jpg etc…



US$109 • EUR€95 • GBP£83 • HKD$850


US$22 • EUR€19 • GBP£17 • HKD$170

US$ • EUR€ • GBP£ • HK$ are estimates only based on exchange rates 4-2-2019

Yes we do, under our Annual Membership Plan, saving you 80% on each order.

Please head across the the annual membership section for full details. CLICK HERE

Yes we certainly do, and under your control at all times.

Our business is not to gather your personal analytics. We respect your privacy and your right to the independent analytics delivered from each of your videos. That’s why we provide you with the access and thereafter YOU choose if you want to track how many people view each of your videos and where, and not us.

Country restrictions do not apply, as we provide a global service.

Yes. If you signup for an annual membership, you will receive 80% off each order for the term of your membership.

For annual membership details please CLICK HERE.

Our service produces real estate videos in the following categories:

The most popular videos realtors order are the ones that run no longer than 60 seconds, with anything longer being automatically trimmed at the end.

No problem, you upload the number of images you want displayed within your videos.

Should you upload less than recommended (example: 20 images for 60 second video) and you upload 15 or 10, we will simple increase the viewing time evenly and maintain the 60 second view time.

Full HD or FHD is a HDTV high-definition video mode characterized by 1,920 pixels displayed across the screen horizontally and/or 1,080 pixels displayed vertically for non-interlaced progressive scans.

Full HD or FHD is supported worldwide.

Applications of Full HD or FHD standard include Television Broadcasts, Blu-ray Discs, Smartphones, Internet content such as YouTube/Vimeo videos, Website embedment, Netflix TV shows/movies, SmartTVs, Consumer-Grade Televisions and Projectors, Computer Monitors and Video Game Consoles.

We recommend the following:

  1. Provide us with images in horizontal jpg format and in a high quality. On a minimum, modern day smartphone cameras deliver this quality.
  2. When choosing your order, the most versatile combination is 16:9+4:5 aspect ratio. These two formats permit you to present your property in the most engaging format across most online and social platforms.
  3. Selecting 60 seconds for your video production is perfect timing, as it permits you to also display your video within Instagram’s 60 second video time limit per post.
  4. Keep in mind that each video has your Opening and Closing Screen which accounts for 4 seconds thus allowing the balance of the viewing time to be evenly spread across the property images you provide us with. Therefore if you supply us with the maximum images allowed per the timeframe you select, you will end up with a viewing time per image as follows:
    • 60 seconds video length
      • 20 images = 2.8 seconds per image
      • we recommend 18 images = 3.1 seconds per image
    • 45 seconds video length
      • 15 images = 2.7 seconds
      • we recommend 13 images = 3.2 seconds per image
    • 30 seconds video length
      • 10 images = 2.6 seconds
      • we recommend 8 images = 3.3 seconds per image