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Gramblr is the amazing FREE desktop app for Instagram. It’s one of those FREE tools for Instagram which challenges paid Instagram apps. Gramblr is available for end users like you & me for no cost and ads free!. This is a desktop app & works only when you are online. Gramblr offers many great features & supports videos along with images.

Gramblr  is the perfect third-party service to facilitate the use Instagram marketing and management. We have tested Gramblr for a while before introducing to you. Gramblr is a 100% free desktop application that allows you to upload pictures and videos to Instagram. It acts as an emulator so that you don’t need a smartphone. You just need to create an account, and away you go.

Uploading Content

To upload an image, go to the “Upload Now” tab on the left side. You can upload images by either clicking and browsing for the image on your computer or by dragging and dropping it into Gramblr. Then you are given options to crop it into a fixed ratio (4:3 or 1:1) or you can crop it to any shape you want. You can also just leave it the way it is.

After you click save, you can add some filters. Gramblr’s photo editor is quite impressive. You can do anything from adding effects or stickers to adding texts. You can even whiten teeth and hide blemishes.

The final step is including the upload details. Write a caption, you can also include emojis from the vast selection of emojis that Gramblr offers; basically, the exact same ones offered on Instagram.

Uploading Videos

Uploading videos on Gramblr is similar to uploading images but with a few extra options. After you select your video, you have the option of cropping to any shape (just like with images). You also can pick the cover photo of the image. You can also specify the start and end times of the videos and Gramblr will clip it and upload it accordingly. Yes, you can upload 60’s videos through Gramblr to your Instagram account. You have the option of testing it out too. Just like with images, you can write the caption and include an emoji.

Scheduling Images and Videos on Instagram

Scheduling images and videos through Gramblr is very easy. You are given the option on the last page of the upload process whether you want to upload immediately or some other time. When you click “some other time”, you are given the option to select the date then the exact time you wish for it to be uploaded. Then just hit send. Important note: When scheduling, your computer must be on at the scheduled time of the upload. Otherwise, Gramblr will try to turn your computer on. If it fails to turn it on, it will cancel the upload. Many Youtubers have made quite a decent living for themselves thanks to Youtube. However, Instagram offers something a little deeper than Youtube. A more personal touch. Youtubers on Instagram have been able to connect with their fans on a more intimate level. Despite some allegations of people paying for their views on youtube, the big boys usually stay clear of that. Not only that, they have been able to even grow their fan base thanks to Instagram.


Gramblr is an absolutely incredible service. It has become an essential, if not the most essential, tool for our personal and business Instagram marketing and management. That fact that it’s packed with features and it’s 100% free with no ads at all, makes it quite incredible. We’ve never given any service/product, so far, a 5-star rating. Until now. The only things we don’t like about Gramblr is the inability to include location when uploading and the inability to bulk upload/schedule. But those are not major issues. That fact that it’s packed with features and it’s 100% free with no ads at all, makes it quite incredible. I’ve never given any service/product, so far, a 5-star rating. Until now. Bonus points for making it accessible to more people by offering it in a total of 12 languages (including English). The creators of Gramblr deserve major kudos for this!


This FREE service uses an algorithm that calculates the best hashtags for you based on historical data. Using the correct hashtags, your posts will get increase engagement. Receives 10 times more likes to your posts on Instagram using this effective platform.

FREE Stock Photo Websites for Commercial Royalty-Free Images.

NEGATIVE SPACE: Offers up new free stock photos every week. All of its photos are shared without copyright restrictions, meaning you’re free to use them however you please. license details.

PICJUMBO: With new photos added daily, there is a wide selection of high-quality images to fit a variety of different topics. license details.

KABOOMPICS: Karolina, a web designer from Poland, is the creative eye behind this awesome resource for high-quality photos. From fashion to food to landscapes, her images cover a variety of different scenarios. And users have the freedom to use them for anything they’d like, commercial or not. license details.

FREERANGE: All of the photos on the Freerange website come from a pool of both in-house photographers, as well as a growing community of external contributors. Not only is there a lot to choose from, but the photos are good quality. license details.

The moment you have a website or service exposed to people that reside temporarily or permanently within the European Union,you must appoint a representative in the European Union; That’s the Law.

ALL Realtor Incubator Members are offered this service for FREE as part of their Annual Membership. This is made possible with the relationship we have established with GDPR Registrar.

We’ll keep it simple. It matters not how big or small you are as a Realtor, Article 27 applies to your business and if you fail to appoint a Data Protection Representative within the European Union, you could be fined up to (the greater of) €10,000,000 or 2% of global turnover (Article 84(4)(a)).

With GDPR Register, you automatically receive:

  1. A registered physical address within the European Union.
  2. A Data Protection Representative within the European Union.
  3. A business hours phone number.
  4. Full access to their free learning, referencing and training tools.
  5. Option to sit for your Data Protection Certification.

Being GDPR Compliant sends the message to your audience of TRUST! Above and beyond all other reasons, even if you don;t deal with European Citizens, extending this trust across everyone that visits you is the best investment you can make. Trust is the New Currency, and GDPR Registrar gives you just that.

JivoChat wins this service hands down, and its FREE for up to 5 users per registration.

JivoChat allows you to chat with multiple visitors at the same time, which is impossible to do by phone.The app’s features aim to boost your team’s efficiency and communication opportunities.

With JivoChat’s mobile widget, you can engage with customers who prefer to access your website through their phone.

Customers can request one-click calls or send messages to you using apps such as Facebook Messenger. This gives them the freedom to continue the dialogue with you even after they leave your website.

Customers can make one-click calls or send messages to you using their favorite instant messenger, giving both of you the freedom to continue the dialogue even after the customer leaves the website.

By far the most effective mobile chat widget on the market and its FREE. We use it and love it.

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We discussed our requirements fully before going ahead with anything and he put together a package that met all our needs. The whole experience from start to finish was stress free and extremely supportive.

Upon completion, the website surpassed all our expectations. Any tweaks and edits required were minimal and executed swiftly. Emin continues to support us when we require updates and changes and monitors our site on a daily basis.

A completely brilliant and professional service. There is so much choice in this field and it’s confusing about who the ‘right’ person to go with is. We are delighted to have found Emin who is a very skilled and tuned-in individual that we highly recommend.

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